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The town of Canet Lo Roig is part of the region of Bajo Maestrazgo, in the province of Castellón, about 150 km away from Valencia. The small village is near the Irta mountains and is set a height of about 329 m above sea level. Located in the outback of Spain, the marine town of Vinaros is nearly 25 km away, the region enjoys a mild, Mediterranean climate. Canet counts only about 800 inhabitants.


Canet is characterised by its enormous olive groves. At the entrance of the town, one can see the beautiful, thousand years old olive trees, the village has been making excellent olive oil for thousands of years. There were loads of vineyards up until the sixties, but they were unfortunately destroyed by Phylloxera.


It was only in 1994 that Pepe replanted the vineyards and started a bodega: Mas Almela. This ambitious private initiative definitely livened up the wine scene and we are delighted to be continuing his work.


Aside of being known for the cultivation of wine and olives, Canet is also frequented by hunters. The hunting grounds expand all the way over the hills of Maistra Baixa that surround the village.


Our bodega is accessible via the road to Morella, at the intersection of Routa de Jana and Routa de Xert.

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