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Both of the vineyards, Regalls and Ermita, 5 ha,  are close to the small village of Canet Lo Roig. They are located in the beautiful region of Bajo Maestrazgo, about 25 km from the Mediterranean Sea, in between the marine town Vinarós and the picturesque town of Morella. Positioned beneath the mouth of the Ebro river, the area and our vineyard is part of the region of IGP Castellón.

The vineyards are set at about 250 m above sea level, with a soil composed out of sandy loam. The grapevines that survived the neglect of the past are about 25 years old and have a bright future ahead of them.


The grapes we grow are mostly Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot y Grenache.


We supplemented with new varieties : 1500 Cabernet Franc, 1500 Marselan and 3000 Monastrel (Mourvèdre).   They were first harvested in 2019 ! 

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