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A hobby that's been blown delightfully out of proportions! 

In 2014 we found a new project not too far from our holiday home at the Spanish Costa Azahar: an inactive Bodega, complete with illl-maintained but beautifully located vineyards.

With heart and soul we kicked the business back into gear: the vineyards are kept in tip top shape, the bodega was upgraded according to the newest food and safety regulations, machines were repaired and replaced.

The bodega was given a new name: Bodegas La Cenetana, our bodega in the village Canet Lo Roig. Complete with a new logo, packaging, etc. 

We have been making our own wine since 2016, our first precarious steps into the exciting world of winemaking.

This wine is already getting better every day, slowly aging in our cellar. It and our bodega will improve every year, again and again, that is our promise!

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